Staff Bios: Katrina Parsons

73994_1630754139358_5311899_nKatrina Parsons was born in the early 70s to parents who already had two boys.  She came into her family 10 years after her youngest brother.  As the only girl and youngest child some may assume Katrina was spoiled, ok maybe a little…she had a great childhood filled with camping and fishing trips, weekend trips to watch her brothers race motorcycles, lots and lots of family parties where everyone enjoyed listening to music and singing together and many more activities close families enjoy.   As a young person she was very into dance, Barbie dolls, roller skating and riding her banana seat bike with her friends (who were mostly boys).

Katrina was born and raised here in Utah, but has been fortunate to visit many other states in the US and one other Country outside of the US. She has a huge craving to travel and see new places and has plans to visit some incredible places in her lifetime. But put her on a beach with sand in her toes and a cold drink in her hands and she is at home.

She became a mother fresh out of high school and to Katrina that was a dream come true.  Not long after her first daughter Morgan, who loves horses and is a a born trainer/rider, was born along came her sister Samantha, who is a social butterfly and a very talented artist.  Ironically enough Katrina’s third and final child Jaden, who amazes everyone with his athletic ability, was born 10 years after his youngest sister, very similar to Katrina’s family as a child.  Three years ago along came a grandson Aden, the smartest and toughest little man ever. Katrina’s family is her life.  She is so very proud of each and every one of them for who they are, what they have done, and what they plan to do in their lives.

As a mentor Katrina has an amazing opportunity to see the light inside of her clients and help them to bring it to the surface.  There is no greater feeling in the world than to see someone realize how great they truly are and begin working towards the life of their dreams.    Katrina has many important things left to do on this earth and it will take a lifetime.


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