How did KC find her path?

12931249_10208852060649608_6966283919684294125_nAs a scanner, multi-potentialite, renaissance woman, or whatever word you use, KC Peek has a gajillion interests.  Travel (she wants to go to the Galapagos Islands so bad she can taste it), crafts, cooking, educating, arts, native and not so native flora and fauna (especially the flora), outdoor activities like hiking and camping, literature, she is fascinated with physics and by Leonardo da Vinci.

KC spent most of her childhood in a rural Iowa (that’s corn and cows, not potatoes!) town of less than 500 people, dreaming of escaping.  It wasn’t until many years later that she finally realized the quiet beauty of southwestern Iowa.  She did escape though, after she graduated college with degrees in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies, to Poland as an Environmental Education Volunteer with the Peace Corps.

When she got back, she moved to Maryland and spent many years searching for her dream job, growing more and more frustrated.  Banking, elementary school aide, retail (garden centers, craft stores, grocery stores, clothing stores, etc.), landscape architecture, marketing, job coaching…  She spent a lot of time and money soul searching, taking assessments, in therapy and counseling, exploring, reading, dreaming, wanting…

It became clear to her that not only is she highly creative, but she is a natural born teacher.  She began writing two books to teach others about creativity and figured out how to bring her many years of experience to help people on their journey with her friend and co-founder of The Empowered Professional, Katrina Parsons.

KC lives in the Salt Lake City metro area with her love and their zoo.


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