Components of Confidence: Your Attitude & Demeanor

Lastly after everything else, know that there’s a big difference between confidence and arrogance.  Confidence comes from within and does not need to be voiced nor confirmed by anyone other than yourself and your higher power, whatever that may be for you.  True, strong confidence is that inner knowing of who you are and being proud to stand in that space without explanation.  Arrogance, on the other hand, may seem like confidence, however it feels the need to explain itself and seeks approval or feedback from others. Think of someone who is boasting or bragging, something we can usually all admit to doing at one time or another, now think of the reason for doing it; although innocent, we usually were seeking some kind of feedback, in other words, confirmation from someone else of our own value.  Arrogance seems like a harsh word, but it is really just another word for self-doubt and we tend to feel that those who deliver an approval seeking request in an egotistical way, as having arrogance while those who do it in a soft or timid way as simply having low self-esteem.  Arrogance is simply another word for self-doubt and either way you label it, is still the exact opposite of confidence, as it is still shrouded in insecurity and the need for approval.  It is not anything to feel ashamed of or bad about nor is this behavior uncommon, simply something to be aware of, to break the practice and give ourselves the validation we need instead of requiring it from an outside source.

Check back soon for the conclusion of our series on the Components of Confidence.


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