Components of Confidence: Authenticity & Love

The second of guest blogger Summer Mercado’s series of articles on Self Confidence.

Authenticity & Love

Being authentic and respectful to yourself must be the first step.  Know who you are and what makes you happy.  Look in the mirror every day, preferably morning and night, look yourself in the eye and tell yourself that you are a beautiful and amazing human being.  Tell yourself all the reasons why you are amazing and beautiful and what makes you unique.  This is usually the most difficult for a lot of us and why I believe it is the most crucial part in gaining control of our own confidence.  STOP putting yourself down and STOP focusing on your faults, everyone has them and most of us would never verbalize to another person the things we say to ourselves on a regular basis, so why point them out to ourselves, instead appreciate what makes you, YOU.  Point out your strengths and love yourself unconditionally every single day.  So begin each day by filling up your own “cup” so you have more to give others.

Check back for the next post:  Your Appearance


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