Components of Confidence

Please welcome guest blogger Summer Mercado and her series of articles on Self Confidence.  Check back for the next post:  Authenticity & Love

What is confidence?  The definition states: Confidence is the state of feeling certain about the truth of something and a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. Confidence truly effects everything we do.  If we have it, things are usually much easier; getting a job is easier, accomplishing goals is easier, communication is easier, marriage and raising children is easier and even coming back from a hardship is easier when you are self-assured and confident.  In contrast, a lack of confidence can make things in life a whole lot harder than they need to be.  It is understandable how this topic plays an important role in achieving just about any outcome we desire in life. When we are confident and allow ourselves to shine to our fullest potential, that energy is contagious and we therefor create a more positive atmosphere around us. When we give ourselves consent to shine, we allow everyone around us that same consent.  We do not do ourselves or anyone else a service by hiding or withdrawing, in fact, we actually cause more damage to our own self-worth each time we do and show others how to shine less as well, there for creating a negative atmosphere around us. This is especially true with those we have the most influence over, such as our children and everyone else we have a direct influence on regularly.  So, now that you understand how confidence impacts all aspects of your life and why it is important, I want to give you some of my own realizations on how to shift this behavior by offering an outline of what I feel are the main components of confidence.

Summer Mercado


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