Am I in the right career?

As I look back on my decision to change careers a few things were swimming around in my head.

  1. I was frustrated with having to live paycheck to paycheck.  the compensation I received did not equal the work I put in or the stress I was under.
  2. I was not inspired by my work and felt like I was always working to meet a production expectation, rather than to serve my clients.
  3. I was skilled at my work, but didn’t see many opportunities to build on those skills and my confidence was down.
  4. I had no clue what I really wanted to do.

As we consider our current position or think of changing careers, we tend to focus on the wronnot-cantsg priorities.  We worry about security, wonder if we can do it or are good enough, are never quite sure what we want to do or be and then when we put ourselves out there we just wait for someone to want us, which is killer on your confidence…Sound familiar?

Try asking yourself the right questions.

  1. Does it allow me to pursue my passion and live in my purpose?
  2. Does it play to my strengths?
  3. Can I build on my skills?
  4. Will I have access to the compensation I deserve and need to live my dreams?

When the answers to these questions are yes, the rest will work itself out…trust me.


P.S. Empowered Professional hosts a free career club where professionals like you gather to learn how to identify and pursue their true passion.  To network with other like minded professionals, and to gain new insights of a successful career pursuit.  You should join us! Click here for information and to RSVP.


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