How to get noticed for the right opportunity

We have all been there…you entered a contest, applied for a position, expressed interest in a promotion, or are busting your butt in a sales contest.  And then it happens, you are passed over by someone else and you were sure you were perfect for the opportunity.  It is a hit to your self esteem, sucks a bit of your motivation, and makes you feel a little more desperate.  But you are not a quitter, so you get back on your horse and try again.

What if you knew a little more than the other guy about how to truly be noticed? What if you had a network of professionals working with you and you were two steps ahead of the competition? What would it do for your career if you stood out every time?

Career club is happy to announce the topic of our first FREE meeting of the Salt Lake City Career Club “Getting Noticed by the Right Opportunity”  Not only will you have a chance to meet professionals going though the same challenges, you will learn from industry experts how to get noticed and get a leg up in your career, helping you to more closely pursue your dreams; and did I mention there is no cost to join us?

Click here to register for this free meeting of the minds and get ahead already!

P.S. What if you could stand out and be sure you were looking at the right opportunities?  The ones that are actually in line with your vision, your purpose, your dreams.  Don’t miss this Career Club meeting and receive bonus content focusing on this very issue.

See you there!


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